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Our franchising program is predicated on the fact that the company will only remain competitive if our franchisees are successful. We are dedicated to achieving that success with our franchisees. Consequently, we look for franchisees with certain qualities that include, but are not limited to; a strong desire to succeed, the ability to lead effectively and the ability to devote the time and energy necessary to run a successful business. A Taste of Seafood is a branded name built on the importance of preparing great quality tasting foods. We all have tried cheaper brands that have attempted to duplicate the taste of Pepsi Cola, but the taste always fall short to the satisfaction of our taste buds.  We, at A Taste of Seafood feel the same about our brand. We stand behind that name, guaranteeing a total satisfying eating experience. Therefore we seek people who believe in the brand, who are highly motivated to join the A Taste of Seafood family. 

 Ongoing support is provided to you before and after you open your restaurant. A Taste of Seafood will provide an owner/ Consultant to guide you through the major decisions in starting your business such as: Site selection, lease negotiation, training, and equipment ordering. A Franchise Consultant will serve as your main contact person and will help you get started; provide ongoing support, advice, and problem solving assistance throughout operation. 

A Taste of Seafood prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in our restaurants. Profits are accumulated through our great customer service, quality ingredients we use in our products, and not to mention our Southern style cooking methods. 
We provide a family friendly atmosphere with bright energetic colors and decor that depict the fun-filled look of the Sea, making for a complete unique dining experience.

Our commitment to our Franchisees begins early. We utilize our proven site selection expertise along with our demographic studies to help you select a successful site. 
All site locations must be approved by the franchise director before construction begins. Traditional restaurants range from 500-3,000 square feet. Before construction can begin all plans must satisfy the design requirements of A Taste of Seafood Franchising, Inc. These designs have been carefully developed over the years based on customer satisfaction and business success. You are free to choose your own contractors; provided they can construct the store according to A Taste of Seafood Franchising, Inc. specifications.

The support team at A Taste of Seafood Franchising, Inc. will provide guidance when you are selecting, purchasing and/or leasing equipment for your restaurant. Essential equipment for the traditional restaurant includes Deep fryers, freezers, refrigerators, steam tables, menu-boards, store-front awnings, etc. The lease-to-buy options are excellent and extremely affordable. Again, as in most cases, you are free to select your own equipment suppliers, provided they meet A Taste of Seafood requirements. 

A Taste of Seafood is committed to offering a learning environment that fosters continuous growth through information sharing and skills training. We will train and assist you with the pre-opening, operations, marketing, and food preparation for your franchise. Our highly experienced staff will take you through a three-week training course. Upon completion of the course, you will be ready to operate your franchise. Members of our franchise support team will also assist you in your store during your first two weeks of opening to ensure that you are self-sufficient. After this time, the franchise support team will be readily available should you need further assistance. 

The total investment necessary to begin operating  A Taste of Seafood restaurant ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 Dollars. 

A Taste of Seafood currently charges an initial franchise fee of $15,000 for a traditional franchise. You must pay the franchise fee in a lump sum when you sign the Franchise Agreement. A Taste of Seafood estimates that approximately 60% of the Franchise Fee represents the cost to perform its pre-opening obligations for a traditional location. The remaining goes to FranchisorĀ“s general operating fund. If you do not locate a site for your restaurant which we have approved within one (1) year from the date you sign the Franchise agreement, we will refund to you $7,000.00 of the initial franchise fee paid for a traditional franchise  . Otherwise, the initial franchise fee is non-refundable. 

Royalties are kept to a minimum at A Taste of Seafood Franchising, Inc. They are 5% of your gross sales and are paid weekly via electronic sweep.